Piso 21’s Te Vi: I “Abuse” The Replay Button

Erin Saiof
3 min readDec 16, 2018
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What is the best ritual after you wake up in the morning? Mine is always listen to songs with nice beat to dance. This summer, I happened to listen to a song called Me Llamas from a random play list on Youtube, and that was my first encounter with Piso 21 the Latin pop/Reggaeton group from Medellin, Colombia. And since then I’ve been listening to them a lot especially Besandote from their Ubuntu album. What I love the most about them is the fact that their live performance, especially the acoustic one, sounds really good.

Yesterday, I was having a less pleasant brunch experience in one of Cikini’s cafes, when Te Vi from Piso 21 & Micro TDH appeared on my Youtube home screen. It is their new song and published recently on December 13th. The video starts with a scene where three kids playing soccer, an old white man being shaved by an old black man, a man in yellow shirt playing with a basket as if it’s a cajon, a black married man rolling on black iron. It has this music that reminds me of a Nitendo game or a scene of a movie where they travel for a safari adventure. Te Vi’s intro starts when a little kid sticks a little poster of Piso 21 concert on the wall and it has that green, yellow, and red color.

The first thing that catches my ears, for sure its beat. It makes me want to shake my hips, chest, and shoulders right away. But this beat is sexy and naughty at the same time. As always for Piso 21, the Rap part always there but this time Micro TDH brings a different spectrum, which sounds somewhat like African Rap, and reminds me of P Square from Nigeria. I always wait for this little Rap part, simply because I have a HUGE crush on Pablito and this is the part that I can see and hear him the most. Speaking about the beat, you can see the way people dance on that video, especially how the girls move their hips and shake their ass. In short this song is good for exercise or get naughty.

Now, let’s talk about the lyrics, as always Latin songs don’t have anything to hide or anything for you to decipher. Because they say it all very straight. To my surprise the lyrics is not about sex, because nothing happen: “Nos dimos par de picos y no ha pasado nada.” It’s more about a passionate lover — man — who falls in love immediately after seeing the way she dance. The part that Pablito sings: “Cuando te reías, me encantaba , Y yo como loco, perdido en tu mirada.” Which roughly translate to: when you laughed, I loved it, And I’m like crazy, I’m lost in your look. Well, who doesn’t love it when seeing his/her crush or loved one laugh especially at the joke you make?

My favorite scene is when Pablito and El Profe get out of the rickshaw they ride to the party, while in other music video you may see the singers get out of a fancy car. It makes them look humble or probably hipster. Even El Llane orders two coconuts from that fulperia, but who knows what’s inside, right?

Whenever I find a new song and love it, mostly I keep listening to the song over and over for at least three days until I really get tired of it. When I write the title of this song, there are still 3.5 mio views on Te Vi on Youtube, now when I’m finishing, it has reached 3.6 mio views.



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