One Day In The Caf And A Diagonal Sandwich Cut

Erin Saiof
2 min readMar 17, 2021


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It was the fall semester of our freshman year. I used to go to the caf a lot because my friends ate there and some of them work there too. Each group seems to have a mark on the area. There are table for runners , international students, soccer players, sorority groups, etc. The international students table often got very crowd and very loud, and we discussed a bit of everything from silly to serious and very serious stuff, especially if it was worth to laugh.

One day during dinner time, a friend of mine shared her story of working in sandwich line. If I remember correctly, the story goes like this.

“How’s your day?” I asked.

“Ah horrible” she said as she puts her bag and sweater.

“Why?” I asked again.

“There’s this guy coming to my line and ask for the sandwich. When I want to cut his sandwich he says no no not like that. I says like this?” she moved her right hand on the table as if it was the knife to cut the sandwich in the middle.

“Then what?” she continued the story.

“He says can you cut it diagonal. I ask what is diagonal, and he ask me what’s your major. I say: MATH!”

I started to laugh and she looked confused.

“It is so funny because you’re a math major and you don’t know what diagonal is” I told her and showed her what diagonal looked like.



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