Never Wish To Have A Thousand Times More of Happiness When He Chooses Her Over You

Ladies, we all know that going through a break up is tough. Or if you have crush on a guy but that feeling does not reciprocate and he tells you so, then so be it. Move on! Open that dating apps and keep swiping again. Meet someone new as soon as possible.

The faster you move on, the better it is for you. It is not about not acknowledging your sadness of rejection at that particular time. And stop thinking about the past or questioning yourself, “what if I did this instead of that.” My male friend once told me: If you can take it as a lesson learned, then that is very good. But never waste your time remembering the tragedy. Because in fact the moment that you spend on mourning, that same time he’s already having fun, getting a blow job from the new girl and fuck her in every position.

I understand the uneasy feeling on the day it happens. You may think this life fortune is never be on your side in terms of love etc. And you maybe wish yourself all the love in the universe. But ladies, never ever wish for a thousand times of happiness more than his.

Why? Here’s the thing, if he has once or twice and so on happiness then yes your happiness will be a surplus. Now, what if he has no happiness? Trust me I studied math, and anything multiplies with zero is zero.

Sometimes we may think life has tricked us by bringing what we don’t want, yet have we really make a “logical wish”? What if we reconstruct our wish as “I wish to have a thousand additional happiness more than his.” So when he has zero, you still have a thousand.



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Erin Saiof

Erin Saiof


Am an INTP-T, love delicious food, solve puzzle, watch 3D animation, write poems, give tight hug. Lastly, my opinion belongs to me