Luis Fonsi & Rauw Alejandro Vacio: I can’t get enough

Erin Saiof
2 min readFeb 19, 2021


Luis Fonsi and Rauw Alejandro on their new song video Vacio

I feel so TGIF today especially after listening to this new song from Fonsi and Alejandro called Vacio.

I was checking on my feed and saw this song just out 4 hours ago, so naturally I click on it.

The first time my ears hear “Perdona si te estoy llamado en este momento” my mouth left open because that’s the opening lyric from a song called A Puro Dolor by Son By Four and it is one of my and my brother’s favorites song.

Vacio seems to be a “recycle” version of A Puro Dolor with nice beat without leaving its ballad note on the background.

My favorite part of the lyrics is when Fonsi sings “Y por la noche baby siento frio cuando no estas conmigo.” Well basically means I feel so cold at night when you are not with me.

The beat really makes me forget for the fact that this is actually a very sad song and I think it is one of the best break up songs too. The first part of the lyrics makes me think it was just the guy missing his girl, but then on the second part the lyric mentions that the girl is with someone else.

For those know how break up feels like, there are times we get sad yet smile at the same time when remembering the beautiful moment that has passed, right? And that’s what being described on the middle of the song.

However through the end, it turns out that the guy already has a new girlfriend, so it makes me rethink the whole song. And I can tell that he is not fully moved on because he still keeps the video of his ex and play it over and over. He finds himself feeling empty without her ex besides him. And he’s very confident that he’s a better kisser than the ex’s current boyfriend.

In my opinion, yes there are some little to big things that we’ll probably find the ex has a better skill in doing things, like kiss, hug, sex etc. But it can always be discussed with the new partner by telling them how we want it to be done in certain way. And I think if in real life ex character on the song is so done with him, she’ll probably say, “Oh, fuck off!” when he says “ Cada beso que el te esta dando, solos los míos esta sintiendo porque estas recordando.”

Overall, I still like this new song from Fonsi and Alejandro, because it is a combination of romantic, sensual, seductive, and naughty all at one. Now it makes me thinking the kind of fun on the floor that is mentioned on the song. What a Friday!



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