If It’s Plain, Then Spice It Up

It’s been a week I’ve done WFH due to COVID-19 and during this self isolation period, things can get pretty boring. I can either choose to spend my time on negative or positive activities.

About three days ago I found out that I could make a tasty tea for myself and it was all due to my curiosity of exploring the spices. Before we jump to what happened, a little background to note. I come from a place where we harvest lots of nutmegs, and people use it not only the seed (like all the nutmeg in the markets) but also the fruit and the inner flower that wraps the seed. So mostly people are baking using the inner flower and seed, while the fruit is being dried and sweetened. Back home it is very common to mix tea with cinnamon, and people often taste this kind of tea during social gathering.

So three days ago, I decided to explore how my tea was going to taste after I mix:

a little sprinkle of clove

a generous sprinkle of nutmeg

2 teaspoon of sugar

1 1/4 cup of hot water (maybe a bit less)

1 tea bag of twinnings’ jasmine scented green tea

My reaction after I tasted that tea for the first time was like, “where have you been all my life?!” I like the fact that its sweetness is just on the tip of the tongue, the smell of nutmeg and clove are mild. In Indonesia we have an expression of “like Sundanese tea” for very light sweet tea, and that’s how I like it. For me, I can handle sweet black coffee but not for the tea. Since when I was a kid, I often find sweet tea often leaves somewhat sour after taste.

Speaking about nutmeg and clove, both when consume at right amount can boost the immune system and other benefits such as improving blood circulation, pain killer, and many more you can find it out on Google.

So next time when you feel heartbroken, find a nutmeg to soothe the pain ;).



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Erin Saiof

Erin Saiof


Am an INTP-T, love delicious food, solve puzzle, watch 3D animation, write poems, give tight hug. Lastly, my opinion belongs to me