I Think Bunda Suryani SE Should Have Chosen A Better Running Mate

Erin Saiof
2 min readNov 20, 2020
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After finishing my work I was curious what would be on tv, and after changing several channels I ended up in TVRI to watch the debate of governor and vice governor for Kepulauan Riau 2020.

Speaking about the debate, in my opinion all the candidates are still timid to attack the opponents programs etc. which makes it sound more like a discussion. Besides there are many times when they still have more than 20 second left that’s worth it to add more to enhance their performance on the debate yet they let those time flies.

Among the these three couples, I see the potential of Bunda Suryani in delivering her job as vice governor of Kepulauan Riau. She is very articulate in explaining, especially in answering the topic that covers distribution channel among three big ports, customs, and even the distribution cost. She is showing her expertise through her thought and I find that as an important part to have as someone who is running for the office. It means that she can be count on.

She has a very great idea about empowering the local economy and embracing local wisdom by exploring the potency of their geographical location i.e. sea. That it will be part of the vocational education and that they will also explore to the max of the tourism potential.

In my opinion she was not so strong when answering the question of how to empower the economy from local tourism after the pandemic because from her answer it sounds like she put the weight on the hotel owners to have more solution by giving discounts and hoping for the investor to invest. I wish she could make a statement that she could involve the millennials to promote the local tourism through social media such as facebook or instagram, or better yet her government will collaborate with local online travel agents and local banks so at least people in Kepulauan Riau can get more discounts for the local tourism.

I like her closing statements that sounds more realistic compare to the others that sound more flowery. It is very good that she is embracing the people by saying government is not only run by two people but it will work by collaborating with others.

Lastly, I hope she will win the election. If not, I hope she can have the 5 years to prepare as a way better candidate and run as a governor instead of the vice.



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