I hope People Who Like To Make A Snapping Noise Of Bubble Gum Inside Airplane Will Sit Next To Darth Vader Next Time They Fly

When flying with airplane, people may experience ear blockage, and to help that some people may chew something such as bubble gum.

On my flight last night, couple people who sat in my row to me last night were chewing a bubble gum. When one of them pulled it out, I thought it would be a silence chewing bubble gum like double mint. Yet it turned out the person who sat exactly next to me decided to pop her chewing gum, and she was quite expert in doing it because she was able to pop several bubble at once then repeat it again and again. For her it was probably heaven, but for me it was hell because I found it super irritating and at that time I was hoping myself to have the ability to force choke people like Darth Vader.

I decided to close my mouth because I knew if I say a word, it would not be very nice and I would not be able to stay composed. So I decided to use my eyes instead and stared at that lady because I always know my cold blooded stare could make people feel very uncomfortable.

Did it work? Sort of. She realized I gave her the stare whenever she made that multiple snap sound at once. Then later on she did one snapping sound at a time. Yet deep down, I still hope she meet Darth Vader in her next flight and that he will force choke her for making those snapping sound while chewing her bubble gum.



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Erin Saiof

Erin Saiof


Am an INTP-T, love delicious food, solve puzzle, watch 3D animation, write poems, give tight hug. Lastly, my opinion belongs to me